Welcome to Kitten Cottage.

Kitten Cottage is one of the first ever purpose built shelters for cats in Ireland. It opened its doors in 2004 and as of this month (November 2012), has taken in and looked after over 5000 cats and kittens.

All cats are seen by a vet on arrival and any over six months are neutered or spayed. Any pregnant females are allowed to have their kittens and when they are eight weeks old she is then neutered and a new home is found for her and her kittens. There are heated units for small, sick or abandoned animals. Kitten cottage will also take in wild animals such as foxes hedgehogs, birds, bats etc. and will see that they are brought to an approved wild life sanctuary.


  • Kitten cottage is run on a voluntary basis. There are no paid employees.
  • No cat that is taken in is put down unless they are in pain and will not recover.
  • Kitten cottage run a trap, neuter and release system for feral or ‘wild’ cats.
  • Volunteers are always needed.
  • Please help by neutering your cat.

Cats are wonderful, awesome, intelligent, beautiful loving creatures that can bring immense joy, happiness and love to your life. 


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