A Safe Haven For Rescue Animals.

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Kitten Cottage hopes that any animal that graces our doors will have a peaceful stay after the mental anguish of being unwanted or abandoned. After the animal settles in, we give them toys to play with and blankets and hot water bottles in their beds to keep them warm and cozy on a cold and quiet evening.

Established in 2004, Kitten Cottage has 5036 kittens, and we are still counting.

The importance of our work is always underestimated. Upon arrival, cats are seen by a vet. This is to ensure that they are in good form, we wouldn’t want any cat suffering unduly. They are wormed, fled, vaccinated and neutered if they are of age, and fed and kept warm until the day that they leave.

If you have a kitten / cat to be rehomed, we cannot stress enough the importance of not dumping it / them. Over Christmas 2012, we had 9 litters dumped at our doorstep in 7 days. By dumping, we mean, people put the animals into a box, pierce a few holes in the box, and leave the box on our doorstep. This is very common for us to see.

If you are struggling, we urge of you, to

1) Get your cat neutered so that you do not have this worry again.

2) Take a picture of your animals, and put them onto our Facebook page. We ask you to do this because we tend to find homes for our animals easier and faster. https://www.facebook.com/KittenCottage

3 ) If you still haven’t found a home within 1 week of this posting, if we are in a position, we may be able to take the animal from you.

That being said, as we are a non for profit Charity, it is not possible to help everyone, but we will try our best.

It is vital that we neuter our cats. On average, a mother is pregnant for 66 days. Just over 2 months. At the end, she will normally have been 3 – 5 kittens, and that being her first litter. The amount that she can reproduce is always growing. When one of these kittens reaches 6 months ( be it male or female ) , they can start reproducing also. A female can reproduce two to three times per year. See the below picture to illustrate this point. Cat numbers

And for the scary fact, on the 9th year this jumps from over 2 million to over 11 million.


3 responses to “A Safe Haven For Rescue Animals.

  1. I think you are doing a great job. I think the neutering issue is very important, there wouldn’t be hundreds of cats and dogs killed each year if people neutered their pets.

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