Emigration, from a cats’ perspective.

It is crucial that the day that you make the decision to emigrate, is the day that you start looking for new homes for your animals. We are seeing an increase in the amount of people who contact us the night before they are due to leave, asking us if we can take in their animals.

Under no circumstance, should you leave the rehoming of your animals until the last minute. This decision is unfair on the animal involved, as they are also losing a loved one. Rehome them with plenty of time to spare, so that if the new home doesn’t work out, you can get another home for your animal.

To make this move easier on the animal, you should send him with any toys that he may own ( Beds / Blankets / Baskets etc )

Cat Toys

Always have animals neutered before trying to look for a home, so that they won’t be then used for breeding purposes. A neutered cat is always easier to rehome. ( Check out the various Spaying reductions on at the moment with Meath SPCA and Cavan SPCA )

And finally, make sure to change ownership on his microchip or any documentation he has.


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